Naomi Klein Reframes the Climate Change Issue

Oct 15, 2014

 Virtually everyone is in some form of denial around climate change, contends progressive journalist Naomi Klein, but their reasons for that can be radically different.

While capitalist exploitation of fossil fuels has triggered and accelerated the climate change crisis, Klein says there are other solid reasons to create an alternative economic system.

Naomi Klein

 The dire future forecasts and current rash of extreme weather events make climate change a fearsome prospect. Little wonder, says Klein, that people across the political spectrum are reluctant or unwilling to fully confront the scope and severity of the issue.

Naomi Klein will talk about her book, This Changes Everything, at the Santa Rosa Veteran’s Hall Friday night at 7 pm, an event sponsored by the North Bay Organizing Project and other community groups. She will also be a featured speaker at the annual Bioneers Conference in San Rafael on Sunday morning