Napa Rebounds From August Earthquake

Dec 10, 2014

While Napa's downtown business district was hard hit by the August 24 earthquake, some residential neighborhoods also were seriously damaged.

 In less than five months, Napa has largely rebounded from the sizable earthquake that shook the area last August, even as the total damages have climbed to more than $550 million.

Napa's Aug. 24 earthquake resulted in tons of broken building materials and other debris, more than the city was prepared to deal with.

  Napa City Manager Mike Parness says he is pleased with the way their emergency planning helped the community respond to and cope with the 6.0 earthquake. But planning for a disaster, and actually experiencing one are two different things, so there are lessons to be drawn from what actually happened. One of them involved dealing with debris.


Napa’s citizenry could scarcely have reacted better to the emergency, says Parness. When hundreds of residents were displaced, so many were taken in by family, friends and neighbors that only a few dozen turned up at the city’s hastily opened shelters. And there was another striking indicator.