New Partnership to Aid Sebastopol-Area Homeless

May 5, 2017

Marjorie Wallace stands outside the mobile home she has lived in for decades at Sebastopol's Village Park
Credit Bruce Robinson / KRCB-FM

For years, the aging Village Park campground and trailer park at the eastern edge of Sebastopol was a problem site, subject to flooding, poverty and other issues. Now it is poised to help answer to the city’s homelessness concerns.

Key participants in the upcoming changes at the Sebastopol mobile home park include (l-r) Marsha Sue Lustig, Gail Brownell, Time Miller and Darrin Batch.
Credit Bruce Robinson / KRCB-FM

As a nod to the changes at the property—which will continue to be owned by city of Sebastopol-- it will be formally renamed Park Village. West County Community Services will become a key presence there, adds Executive director, Tim Miller.