Newtopian Dream - tonight at 7pm

May 8, 2017

r.t. newt hosts Newtopian Dream - 2nd and 4th Monday nights at 7pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91

Join me every second and fourth Monday from 7-10PM on KRCB-FM - Radio 91, for our exploration of the Newtopian Dream. I'm rt newt, your host, guide and fellow traveler, and together we'll search for new musical territory. Just like world travelers, we'll be sharing favorite territories, looking for new and exotic experiences and learning about some of the backgroound, history and connections among our various destinations. Blues, jazz, folk, rock, world and sometimes classical music and even some spoken word. Music on a whim and with inspiration: The Newtopian Dream. Every second and fourth Monday night from 7-10PM, on KRCB-FM.