Non-profit Serves Homeless Pet Owners

Mar 9, 2017

The mobile veterinary clinic operated by Homeless With Pets is an unusual and important resource for unsheltered people and their animal companions in central Sonoma County.
Credit Homeless With Pets

Pet owners are deeply attached to their dogs, cats, birds and other animals, and that doesn’t change if they become homeless. But their ability to care for their pets may. That’s where an unusual and specially focused non-profit steps in to help.

More than two thirds of the pets kept by homeless people locally are dogs, says Gillian Squirrell, founder of Homeless With Pets. But that other third encompasses considerable variety.

Squirrel launched her Sonoma County-based efforts in 2014, after studying like-minded programs elsewhere. She began slowly, and invested months in building credibility with the people she wanted to help.