OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD - Sunday April 29TH @ 4 pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91

Apr 28, 2018

Our Voices Will Be Heard

A Perseverance Theater Production

April is both:
- National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and
- Sexual Assault Awareness Month 

A mother seeks to break the cycle of family violence -
A tribe deals with the pain in silence -
A daughter finds strength by sharing her word -
Healing will begin when - Our Voices Will Be Heard   

Our Voices Will Be Heard is a radio theater adaptation of a play about a powerful mother- daughter journey that reveals how generations face the choice of continuing to perpetuate - or disrupt - family violence. Through the lens of fiction, and the palette of Alaska Native Storytelling, the playwright tells the true story of her mother's strength against impossible pressure. Our Voices Will Be Heard weaves together legend and truth in a fierce call for healing and forgiveness. 

This special from NATIVE VOICE ONE airs Sunday April 29th at 4pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91!