Planner Suggests That Rebuilding Requires Commitment to 'Common Good'

Jan 23, 2018

Former Sonoma County environmental planner Ray Krauss lectured January 22 on politics, planning and building to a higher, more resilient standard. He addressed a 'Conversation Around the Fire' at Christ Church United Methodist in Santa Rosa.
Credit KRCB/Steve Mencher

The meetings have a clever name – Conversations Around the Fire. The idea? That the recent wildfires might bring together people in the progressive community to work for change during these  post-fire months and years.

Monday night’s gathering featured speakers on insurance and green rebuilding. One speaker talked eloquently about the need to value workers who help rebuild our community. And then there was former Sonoma County environmental planner Ray Krauss who spoke for nearly half an hour on fire, politics and history.

KRCB News Director Steve Mencher reports.