Pre-Memorial Day Special on Something Completely Different, Tuesday at 7 pm

May 23, 2016

Art by Banksy

Why Pre-Memorial Day? Well, the actual Memorial Day is on Monday, May 31st, and on that day I'll be in the Sovereign State of Minnesota. I know—it does sound unlikely—but I've never been there before, so why not? This means that there'll be no Something Completely Different on Tuesday, May 31st, but I'll be back again the next Tuesday, with a show called Something Completely Music about Musical. (I'll explain later.) prepared for musical Memorial Day on May 24th, when a lot of musical people will give their views on war, past, present, and future. Now, I know that there are many songs and the songwriters that travel with them who have cheered wars and the brave people who fought and died in them...but I didn't find any in my own collection of music. All I found were folks like Neil Young, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Eric Bogle, Steve Earle...and we all know what their views on war are likely to be. I hope you'll use this show to remind you why you've voiced your anti-war sentiments, marched in pacifist parades and marches, signed "No More War" petitions. My first of those marches, by the way, took me from Union Square in downtown San Francisco to the doors of the French Embassy (I don't remember where that was, but I believe it was in the same part of the City.) The year was 1960 and we were protesting French nuclear testing in the South Pacific. I'd march for that again, and march again for all the anti-war issues which have brought me out in the past 56 years. Please join me for the marches and, this Tuesday, the music that goes with them.