Primary Votes Set Political Races for November

Jun 8, 2016

  The fields were narrowed in California’s contested electoral even in races that have established a clear front-runner. That was mostly the case for incumbents, some of whom face ongoing challenges from members of the same party.

Although he will face a Republican rival, Dale Mensing, in the fall, Congressman Jared Huffman pulled nearly 70% of the vote in his Second Congressional District. With another term virtually assured, he could comfortably step back to observe the big picture, but as a Democratic superdelegate, pledged to Hilary Clinton, he told KRCB his emphasis now will be on reaching out to backers of Bernie Sanders.

Voter registration in California has surged sharply over the past few months, as shown in this graph from the Secretary of State's office.
Credit CA Secretary of State

  Closer to home, political scientist and campaign observer David McCuan says the second stage of the campaign to succeed Efren Carrillo as Sonoma County’s Fifth District supervisor will test the political skills and resourcefulness of the two remaining candidates.