Promoting Organ Donation in Russia

Feb 3, 2014

Olga Drozdova, a producer for Russia's most-watched television channel, visited Bodega Bay over the weekend in the course of filming for a documentary about organ donation, something that is not widely done in her homeland.
Credit Bruce Robinson, KRCB

A Russian film crew visited Bodega Bay over the weekend to recapture the story of 7 year-old Nicolas Green, with the intent of boosting organ donation rates in their home country. 

The issue of organ donation—and the huge need for donors—is far bigger than the story of Nicholas Green, says his father, Reg. So he helped the visiting Russian film crew expand their focus during their visit to northern California last weekend.

Nicholas died nearly 20 years ago, in September of 1994, and his story has been told and retold ever since. It’s a legacy that pleases and also surprises his father.