Rap Star Lifestyle In Gear, Vic Mensa Might Not Make It In 'Rollin' Like A Stoner'

Sep 29, 2017

Sex, drugs, rap and roll. Vic Mensa's transparency about his dysfunctional lifestyle is sobering throughout his confessional Autobiography, released this summer. But on his latest video, "Rollin' Like a Stoner," he gazes back at his real-life battle with addiction through rock-star-colored lenses.

Directed by Mensa, "Rollin'" is full of trippy B-movie visuals that find the Chicago artist exploring the larger-than-life excess and addiction he devolved into in the years leading up to Autobiography. "Rollin' like a stoner, outta control / 'Cause I got a problem nobody knows," he raps, in leather jackets as he floats between his motorcycle and drop-top, driving under the influence.

With so many of the genre's stars spinning drugged-out, depressive, suicidal narratives in 2017, Mensa's absurd self-depiction — which ends with his name lit up on a theater marquee — is a reminder that their disastrous lifestyle is our entertainment.

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