Recology, Your New Trash Company, Aims to Respect Workers and Reduce Waste

Feb 8, 2018

A Recology dump truck spills out its load at its San Francisco facility
Credit Recology

In December, the waste management company Recology took over garbage collection from the Ratto Group in parts of the North Bay, affecting 55,000 residential and commercial customers.  Reporter Rhian Miller looks at how the switch is also a move to change the way we deal with trash.

You can reach Recology’s Celia Furber for any questions about residential, business or school recycling  And for folks who may be struggling with possible price increases, you can contact North Bay Jobs with Justice where they have programs to help you.

10 reasons to compost:

1.    Keeps materials out of landfills. That saves landfill space and reduces landfill gas emissions, such as methane and other potent greenhouse gases.

2.    Returns nutrients and minerals to farms to keep soils fertile.

3.    Promotes microbial activity in topsoil. That switches on the life web in soil, which makes micronutrients available to plant roots and discourages soil diseases.

4.    Healthy soil equals healthy plants. Healthy plants equal healthy people.

5.    Helps protect top soils from erosion, an increasingly important thing to do.

6.    Saves tremendous amounts of water. That’s because good quality compost is 50 percent humus by weight, and humus is a natural sponge that attracts and retains water.

7.    Sequesters carbon deep in the soil, especially when used to grow cover crops which shade topsoil and increase photosynthesis.

8.    Creates three times more jobs than landfilling.

9.    Helps cities make great progress toward achieving Zero Waste.

10. Turns food scraps and plant cuttings into fruits, vegetables, and fine wines. Bon appétit!