Reexamining Prohibition's Legacy

Nov 13, 2014

  In the 81 years since Prohibition ended, winemaking in California and the United States has made a remarkable recovery. In fact, says documentarian Carla De Luca Worfolk, the long dry years actually set the stage for those gains.

A wine brick, to be dissolved in a gallon of water.

   In researching the various ways that California’s grape growers were able to circumvent the restrictions imposed by Prohibition, filmmaker Carla De Luca Worfolk says she was most impressed to learn about the production and distribution of what were known as “wine bricks.”

There will be a public screening of  America’s Wine at 2:30  on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 16, at the Mystic Theater with the filmmaker be in attendance. Find ticket information here, and view the trailer for the flm below.