Regular Joes on Something Completely Different, Tuesday, 7-9 pm

Oct 12, 2015

Song by Joes and about Joes on "Something Completely Giuseppeform"

So...when did I start doing these Joe shows, combinations of musicians doing songs about Joe, Joseph, Joey, Jo-Jo and so forth, and musicians named Joe, Joseph, José and like that, doing songs about...various stuff? Well, I don't remember. I do know that I haven't ever repeated a show, haven't ever saved a play list. So this Tuesday's show will begin with a song I've never played before— Joey by Bob Dylan—and it'll go from there, including Joes Pass, Cocker, Ely, Arthur, Newman, Lovano and even a few more. If your name's Joe, this is your night.

Call it "Something Completely Giuseppeform."