Remembering the Running Fence, 40 Years Later

Mar 10, 2016

Jean-Claude and Christo savor a quiet moment during the short lifetime of their Running Fence.
Credit Christo

  The Running Fence, Sonoma County’s most iconic artwork, embodied some curious contradictions.  It was public art created without public funds, and took ten times longer to erect that it actually stood. Yet despite—or perhaps because of that short physical existence, it lives on vividly, in both artifacts  and memory.

  While the Running Fence was striking and unusual, SSU Art History professor Michael Schwager says it can also be seen as part of the Earth Art movement that began in the mid-20th Century.  

For details about Michael Schwager’s talk, Back to the Land: Running Fence 40 Years Later, click here. Information about the Running Fence exhibit is here. And the Press Democrat has compiled a photo collection about the project, which can be seen here.