Renewing Redwood Forests

May 14, 2013

The redwood forests of the North Coast evolved over many thousands of years, but it takes a small fraction of that time to remove them. Now the question is, how long is needed to regenerate the logged forests, and are we willing--or even able-- to grant it?

The nearly finalized purchase of the 20,000 acre Preservation Ranch has actually preserved a big swath of forestland that was threatened with development as vineyards. Guisti says the plan to retain half of the property in its natural state was not enough for him to approve of the proposal when an advocate for it sought his endorsement.

  UC Forest Advisor Greg Guisti will be the featured speaker this evening at the  colorfully titled forum “Bambi vs. the Bulldozer,” to be held Wednesday evening, May 15, at the Glaser Center in Santa Rosa. The free event begins at 7 pm, and also includes a panel discussion of long-term forest conservation strategies. Further details can be found here.