Returning Commercial Composting to Sonoma County

Dec 12, 2016

Compost production was a large-scale operation at the Sonoma County landfill, before it was shut down in 2015. Even then, the local demand was outpacing production.
Credit Sonoma Compost

The process of setting up a new composting operation in Sonoma is finally taking its first steps. But in the meantime, both residents and compost users are paying significantly more.

The Compost Coalition of Sonoma County was formed to advocate for the timely return of local commercial compost operations.
Credit Compost Coalition of Sonoma Count

Before the process of gathering input on how and where to resume commercial composting in Sonoma County could begin, the fate of the county's Waste Management Agency had to be decided. Once the existence of that Joint Powers Authority was renewed--and a new Executive Director hired-- the first steps were taken. And through all that, says Leslie Leslie Lukacs, co-chair of the Compost Coalition of Sonoma County, her organization was pressing for progress.

Patrick Carter, the new Executive Director of the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency, says he is "excited" by the number of responses they got for their composting Request for Information. But it wasn't surprising, he adds, because of the attractive economics of the business.