Revisiting the Rules for Medical Marijuana

Jun 19, 2013

When Sonoma County supervisors unexpectedly considered sharp reductions in how much medical marijuana patients could legally possess, they re-ignited a debate that continues to simmer up and down the length of California. Bruce Robinson has an update on the issue in Sonoma County.

  Some of the critical public perceptions about medical cannabis are outdated, distorted or wrong, says Angie Monette, Executive Director of Citizens for Responsible Access. That includes scoffing about who does and does not have a genuine medical need for it.

  Former Sonoma County Supervisor Ernie Carpenter has joined the leadership team for Citizens for Responsible Access to help bring the subject of medical marijuana—including its now-considerable economic presence—out of the public policy closet and put it on the table for reasoned examination.

Citizens for Responsible Access is hosting a Sunset Solstice Celebration and fundraiser on Friday Night, June 21, at the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation’s new Heron Hall.