Roland Jacopetti Presents Something Completely Firey – Today at 8 pm

Sep 14, 2018

Amazing how many songs there are about fire! I have to wonder if the October, 2017, fires in Sonoma County will spawn an entire opera or musical comedy of further fires. Michael Franti is still around and, considering that there are three fire songs in next week's array of flame (Yell Fire, Light Up Ya Lighter and Firefly), he's probably already getting the extinguisher ready in case things get completely out of hand.

Would you think it possible that the following concert of musical stylists could all spawn ditties about the hot stuff? Give a listen: Rage Against the Machine, Death Cab for Cutie, the Grateful Dead (got a bit of death here, too), Adele, Randy Newman and one of my treasured old favorites, Spike Jones! Here are the titles: let's see if you can match them with the artists: Burn On, Set Fire to the Rain, My Old Flame, Fire on the Mountain, Grapevine Fires and Sleep Now in the Fire. Hey! Turn on the air conditioner! We're about to have a conflagration!

Before I sign off, here's a little hint about future fires...I mean, future Somethings Completely Different. Coming down the pike, not too many weeks off, a show entitled (at least right now - remember - those things can change) "The Election: Welcome to Politics". Airing this show may bring us right back to fire. I mean...thinking about things it might be fun to burn. Just kidding!!!