Roland Presents Something Completely Over – Friday at 8 pm

Nov 8, 2018


By the time Something Completely Over is broadcast on KRCB, the election will be over, and we'll know how it all came out, good, bad or indifferent. Those of you loyal (or even disloyal) listeners who not only hear the music show (Somethings Completely Different) but also spend about five minutes of each Monday-Friday morning listening to Sonoma Spotlight, and may even read whatever this is on WaccoBB or as an Email, those of you (I say) who do one or all of these things may have some idea of my political leanings. So, if you hear my announcements of the music you just listened to (in between sobs), you'll figure that I'm probably not a big Trump fancier. To which I'll answer "Trump who? Who Trump? Not My President!" or something very similar. Of course, my answer to the question "Do you always vote for the Democratic candidate in an election?" will probably be "Depends on the candidate."

Anyway, I hope you join me next Friday evening, November 9th, 8 to 10 PM, either to mourn or to cheer (no matter which of these you do, you're welcome to be a listener), and to listen to a peculiar selection of music that probably has at least something to do with politics. Or voting. Or history. Or war. Or freedom. Or maybe it'll make you feel like dancing.

Among other selections will be Bruce Springsteen's Death to My Hometown, Randy Newman's Political Science, and Leonard Cohen's Democracy. Actually, there'll only be one song that actually mentions a political candidate - - a Presidential candidate, as it happens. No, not Trump screaming "MAGA!" in a nasty voice. Actually, it's by Ry Cooder. No, it's not One Cat, One Vote, One Beer. That song's about Buddy the cat, and cat's aren't allowed to vote for political office in the U.S. I will be playing that song, of course. No, I'll be playing Ry's wonderful version of John Lee Hooker for President. And, if John were alive and running, he'd have my vote.