Rolling Out Sonoma Clean Power

Sep 1, 2013

  The organization and governance of Sonoma Clean Power has been finalized; now the new green electricity provider is moving into the specialized realm of buying and selling sustainably created electrons. 

Geof Syphers

Even before the specific rates have been established, Geof Syphers, Chief Sustainability Officer for Sonoma Clean Power, is confidently predicting that their pricing will hew close to what utility customers are currently paying.


Sonoma Clean Power was created with an eye toward heaping to create additional sources of renewable electricity within the county, and providing a market for them. That will take a couple of years, but in the short term, Syphers says SCP can begin by paying existing power generators for any extra they may have.

Geoff Syphers will host a public meeting to further explain Sonoma Clean Power Wednesday evening, Sept. 4 at 5:30 pm at the Finley Center, 2060 West College Avenue in Santa Rosa.