Roseland Club Set to Become Nonprofit, to Expand Services in Its Community

Nov 14, 2017

Victims of the North Bay Fires on Oct. 20 receiving services from the Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco at the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center in Santa Rosa.
Credit Chelene Lopez

The Community Club of Roseland (CCR) is made up of a group of mothers in the Roseland area of Santa Rosa dedicated to empowering Latino residents who live in this neighborhood in the southwest quadrant of the city.

In 2013, CCR, which was originally known as the Parents Club of Roseland, served as a resource for people seeking to provide a healthier lifestyle to their families at the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center through nutrition and Zumba classes.

Four years later, the club is now run by a group of mothers with a mission to become a strong resource to the local Latino Community. The club is currently involved in becoming a nonprofit, and learning about the process with help from Lucy Consulting, a local firm.

Chelene Lopez, coordinator of health promotion programs at St. Joseph Health of Sonoma County, has been a supporter and advocate for the CCR for more than two years, facilitating the hard work and devotion the club puts towards the community.

Lopez said she is inspired by the moms, because while they have their own families, they still take time out of their day to help their neighbors.

“The moms have established themselves as being a trusted group willing to help anyone,” Lopez said. “They are committed to learning and trying to make a better place for their children, family and neighbors.”

CCR also served as a resource to the Latino community throughout the recent wildfires by providing aid and support to its victims. The collaboration took part with the San Francisco office of the Consulate General of Mexico on Oct. 19 and 20 at the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center, to aid local immigrants, regardless of legal status.

Group member Elsa Tapia Rodriguez says that this event was just one example of how the club is providing outreach to the local community. “Since the fires began," she says, "a more humane community has been seen; a community dedicated to helping others, a community working towards resilience.” 

According to CCR group member, Alejandra Sarmiento, while she believes the club’s original mission was to educate Latino moms by providing them with nutrition information, the future of the group lies in expanding that role.

“I became a part of the club originally because I was looking for a way to better the nutrition in my own household,” Sarmiento says.  “Years after joining, who would of thought that I would be helping others the same way I was once helped, which is why we encourage people to come, support and be a part of our classes.”

For more information about the Community Club of Roseland, visit their Facebook page here.