Russian River Project Earns Restoration Award

Apr 8, 2014

Oddfellows club members inspect the damage after racing stormwaters washed out a big chunk of river bank on their property in February of 2008.
Credit Bioengineering Associates

Using structures of woven willow, rather than tons of rock, is a more natural—and less costly-- way to repair eroding riverbanks. One recent example on the lower Russian River just won a national award.

Even before they received the award, Oddfellows Recreation Club Executive Director Jack Davies says their alternative approach to the repair work had yielded multiple advantages.

The repaired and strengthened riverbank as it appeared a year after the restoration work was completed.
Credit Bioengineering Associates

  One of the many challenges in the restoration project, says project manager Cam Parry, involved working around the redwoods on the site, both standing and fallen.

Evan Engber, President of Bioengineering Associates, described the willow “baffles” that were planted at 50-75 intervals along the riverbed, to aid in the restoration effort.