Oct 15, 2017

UPDATED: Sunday, 10/15/17 @ 1:15 PM 


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At of this time no mandatory evacuations have been lifted (Sunday 10/15/17 1:40pm)

Friday Morning Update (Revised) (10/13/2017)


Mandatory Evacuation Order for all residents north and south of Hwy 12 between Calistoga Road and Adobe Canyon Road.  This includes all of Skyhawk, Mountain Hawk, and much of Rincon Valley. Oakmont remains a mandatory evacuation area. Evacuate your homes immediately, westbound toward Santa Rosa. It is recommended to head toward Finley Community Center or Sonoma County Fairgrounds, which are current evacuation centers.  (VIEW MAP)

The evacuation map (above) indicates areas of the City that remain under mandatory evacuation orders. If your home is not included in these regions, then you are cleared to return home. Please also check the Cal Fire Evacuation Reduction Press Release for a listing of neighborhoods where mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted. These are the only areas where it is permissible to return. Please also carefully read and follow the Precautions to Take Upon Returning Home.  (En español)


Residents need to heed evacuation orders. Evacuation means that you need to LEAVE IMMEDIATELYAbsolutely NO entry into evacuated areas is allowed while evacuations are still being enforced.

A curfew is imposed for the Mandatory Evacuation Areas, no persons shall be upon the streets or any other public place between 6:45 p.m. and 7:15am. A violation is punishable as a misdemeanor

Public safety cannot provide escorts into the evacuated areas. All of our resources are committed to actively fighting the fire. Please cooperate with first responders. We are relying on you to follow these instructions to ensure your safety and the safety of our first responders. 


    Mandatory Evacuation means that you need to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!  View evacuation map

    • NEW- All residents between Calistoga Road and Adobe Canyon Road, and to the north and south of Hwy 12,  this includes, Skyhawk, Mountain Hawk, Adobe Canyon and most of Rincon Valley
    • Annadel Heights area, bordered north by Parktrail Drive and west by Summerfield Road
    • Oakmont 
    • Cross Creek Road
    • Sky Farm Drive Neighborhood
    • Saint Andrews Drive
    • Fountaingrove Parkway from Mendocino Ave to Daybreak Ct
    • Coffey Park Area between SMART Rail and Industrial and from City Limits north to Piner Rd

    For evacuations outside of the city limits please visit,

    Time permitting, turn off your gas and water.LOCAL ASSISTANCE CENTER

    The County of Sonoma and the City of Santa Rosa are opening a Local Assistance Center (LAC) in partnership with FEMA and the California Office of Emergency Services on Saturday morning. The LAC is a one-stop-shop with critical services for residents who have been impacted by the fires. 

    When: 9:00am to 7:00pm for at least two weeks 
    Where: Press Democrat Building, Downtown Santa Rosa @ 427 Mendocino between Ross and 5th Streets

    *Parking is free off of B St. in the city lot. The site is wheelchair accessible. Spanish translators and a children’s play area will be available.


    Santa Rosa Fire Info Line: 707-543-4511

     For TDD, call 707-543-4536; or you may use the 711 Relay Service

     For life-threatening emergencies dial 9-1-1

    Follow us for updates:
    City of Santa Rosa Facebook
    County of Sonoma Facebook

    For fire size and containment updates go to:

    Santa Rosa Fire Damage Map
    *Red area is vegetation. Areas that are not red that would otherwise have vegetation are burned areas. 
    It does not indicate fire. Click to pan and zoom map.

    On mobile, click down arrow above "Fire aftermath" to view right hand panel.

    • Cook Middle School at 2480 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa (MEDICAL SUPPORT AVAILABLE)
    • Elsie Allen High School, 599 Bellevue Avenue, Santa Rosa (MEDICAL SUPPORT AVAILABLE)
    • Analy High School Gym at 6950 Analy Avenue, Sebastopol (MEDICAL SUPPORT AVAILABLE. AT CAPACITY)
    • Finley Community Center at 2060 West College Avenue, Santa Rosa
    • Santa Rosa Veterans Building at 1351 Maple Avenue, Santa Rosa (MEDICAL SUPPORT AVAILABLE)
    • Sonoma County Fairgrounds - Grace and Finley Pavilions in at 1350 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa (NEAR CAPACITY-ALSO ACCEPTS LARGE ANIMALS)


    Service Description: This web service displays data from the FEMA National Shelter System database. The FEMA NSS database is synchronized every morning with the American Red Cross shelter database. After this daily refresh, FEMA GIS connects every 20 minutes to the FEMA NSS database looking for any shelter updates that occur throughout the day in the the FEMA NSS. 
    Contact email:



    Red Cross is in need of volunteers to immediately assist with check-in, supply distribution and other activities as needed


    If you are willing and able to volunteer sign up at:  

    If you would like to volunteer your time/expertise or donate supplies to help those affected by the fires please email the Volunteer Center: or call: 707-573-3399. You'll be contacted by the County of Sonoma. Website:


    If you would like to volunteer with the food bank, visit: 3990 Brickway Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 or call REFB Volunteer Services Coordinator Helen Myers at 707-523-7900, ext. 143.



    1. WATER & SEWER
    2. POWER & GAS
    4. CITYBUS

    Water & Sewer service in Santa Rosa has not been affected, with the exception of two isolated areas in Oakmont and Fountaingrove where boil water notices have been issued.

    Boil water notices have been issued for residents who live:

    • East of Mendocino Ave, north of Chanate Rd, west of Fountain Grove Parkway, and south of Mark West Springs Rd

    • All residents who access their home off of Fountaingrove Parkway along Rincon Ridge Dr, Sedgemoore Dr, Hansford Court, and Parker Hill Rd.

    • On White Oak Drive south of Madelyne Court, Madelyne Place, Oak Mesa Drive south of Starry Knoll Court, and Shooting Star Place.

    *See detailed boil water notice and map below.


    If you are under a boil water notice you must bring all water to a boil before consuming.


    An alternative method of disinfection for residents that are not able to boil their water is to use fresh, unscented, liquid household bleach. To do so, add 8 drops (or 1/8 teaspoon) of bleach per gallon of clear water or 16 drops (or ¼ teaspoon) per gallon of cloudy water, mix thoroughly, and allow it to stand for 30 minutes before using. A chlorine-like taste and odor will result from this disinfection procedure and is an indication that adequate disinfection has taken place.

    For water quality questions call 707.543.4511.

    Boil Water NoticesFountaingrove

    1. Boil Water News Release Update 10102017 5pm FG
    2. Boil Water Notice Update 10102017 5pm FG
    3. Boil Water Map Update1 10102017 5pm FG

    White Oak (Oakmont)

    1. Boil Water Map 10112017 White Oak
    2. Boil Water News Release 10112017 5AM White Oak
    3. Boil Water Notice 10112017 5AM White Oak


    1. What fires are affecting the City of Santa Rosa?
    2. Is it safe to return to my home?
    3. What is the difference between an advisory evacuation and a mandatory evacuation?
    4. How can I find out if my house burned down?
    5. How can I find out about the welfare of a family member?
    6. Where can I find information about road closures?
    7. When should I call 9-1-1?
    8. Is my water safe to drink?
    9. How can I report fire location information/condition?
    10. How can I get assistance evacuating if I am immobile and/or don't have a car?
    1. What about my animals?
    2. How do I get my mail if I have been evacuated?
    3. How can I receive my mail if my house burned down?
    4. What help is available for financial assistance?
    5. What information is available by calling 211?
    6. Where can I get my medication?
    7. Are there updates about Sonoma County inmates / is the jail being evacuated?
    8. Where do I find out information about power/gas outages in my area?
    9. Where can I get assistance with passports and Consular IDs if I am a Mexican national?
    10. Where can I find information about air quality?

    View All Image does not exist

    Rumor: Residents can return to evacuated areas with their ID.
    Answer: No. Some radio stations have reported that people may return to their homes in evacuated areas to retrieve things. ALL evacuated areas are to remain evacuated. Law enforcement have secured the area and will not be allowing people into the evacuated areas for your safety.

    Rumor: Is the fairgrounds shelter being evacuated?
    Answer: No.The fairgrounds is still sheltering people and is not being evacuated.

    Rumor: Is the evacuation center at Cook Middle School being evacuated?

    Answer: No. There are still plenty of cots, food and water available for those in need.


    Rumor: Is the area behind Oliver's Market on Stony Point being evacuated?

    Answer: No. There are no evacuation orders for this area.


    Rumor: May I return to Oakmont?

    Answer: No. All mandatory evacuation areas are still active and too dangerous for residents to return.

    Rumor: Is Santa Rosa City Bus operating at full capacity?
    Answer: No.CityBus is operating on a Saturday schedule through the end of the week, with service free of charge

    Rumor: Will plain-clothed officers be evacuating residents? 

    Answer: No. Law enforcement offers with any agency will be in full uniform.


    1. What You Can Do on Your Own
    2. Emergency Information and News
    3. During an Emergency
    4. Evacuation
    5. Sheltering
    6. Transportation
    7. Preparation
    8. Hospitals
    9. Fire Stations
    10. Local Resources
    11. Non-Emergency Numbers

    What You Can Do on Your Own

    The City of Santa Rosa with American Red Cross and other agencies has identified City Community Centers, High Schools, Middle Schools and other facilities to help address sheltering needs for our community and for special, access and functional needs individuals and groups. During and/or after an emergency, information on those facilities will be provided through public press release releases.