Sarah DeFors in Studio Today in the 10 o'clock hour

Jan 5, 2015

Sarah DeFors

Singer-songwriter Sarah DeFors will be joining Brian Griffith this morning in the 10 o'clock hour.  Here's how Sarah desribes herself:

"I am a young singer/songwriter from a small town in Northern California who, with a lot of luck and even more hard work, is starting to live her dream (while finishing high school)! Yes, yes, kind of like Hannah Montana- minus the wigs, Malibu living, and world-wide success (fingers crossed that one's on it's way!). My double life switches between going to high school and waitressing, to driving 8 hours to LA every weekend to write, collaborate and record music. Being a lover of all genres, my silly, almost-eighteen-year-old self writes and sings everything! I'm a very happy, go-with-the-flow person, and when it comes to music my passion and excitement never fail to show through! My music is a crazy, ever-evolving, Adult Contemporary mix ala: Adele, Emeli Sande, Jason Mraz and Alanis Morissette. I am a goof, a creative, and a believer in the impossible. I live to be spontaneous, kind, and above all else write, sing, and perform heartfelt, well-crafted, kick-ass music! ;) I hope to find myself standing on a stage one day, before thousands of people who bought tickets to my show, and to witness them singing my own songs back to me, word for word. Music is a strange, beautiful force capable of influencing life in ways far beyond comprehension. I hope to touch lives for the better with my music, like so many have touched mine with theirs. So for now, I'll settle for working as hard as possible to achieve the success millions dream of, and only a few achieve."