Schroeder Hall's Organ Set to Debut

Aug 21, 2014

Credit Sonoma Stateo

  The boy pianist from Peanuts gave Schroeder Hall its name, but the intimate new concert space at the Green Music Center is more notably the new home of a remarkable and historic pipe organ.

Opus 9 is a baroque organ, in the style of instruments three centuries older. That’s not a factor in its size, says Sonoma Bach Music Director Bob Worth—it’s descriptive of the sound it produces.

Even the facade pipes, which also sound, were artfully shaped, textured, detailed and gilded.

  When organ builder John Brombaugh set out to replicate the authentic Baroque organs of north Central Europe, he did so with great attention to detail. Not only were the wooden cases that house the instruments’ internal works closely modeled on existing organs in Dutch and German churches, but he also took pains to reproduce the metal that was shaped into the pipes themselves. Sebastopol organist David Parsons explains.

All of this attention to period detail, in sound, mechanics and appearance, proved to be enormously influential, observes organist James David Christie, instigating a trend that expanded to other historic periods as well.