Schulz's Early Cartooning on View

Sep 16, 2014

This early one-panel cartoon, Li’l Folks, was originally published on October 31, 1948.
Credit © 1948 Schulz Family Intellectual Trust.

  Peanuts made Santa Rosa cartoonist Charles Schulz popular world-wide, but that long-running strip was not where his career began. A new exhibit at the Charles M. Schulz museum looks back as his earliest work, and we hear more about that today from the woman who helped put it together.

The current exhibit,  Journey to the Reuben:  The Early Years, features examples of the cartoonist’s work prior to 1955, the year Schulz won his first Rueben Award. The strip below, from the series in which Pig-Pen made his Peanuts debut, was originally published on July 17, 1954. 

Credit © 1954 Peanuts Worldwide LLC