The Sea Forager's Guide to the Northern California Coast

Oct 20, 2016

Kirk Lombard and prey

Our coast is home to dozens of varieties of strange, often elusive, sometimes slimy, yet almost always somehow edible sea life. Kirk Lombard knows where to find them, and what to do with them.

The cover illustration for the Sea Forager's Guide introduces the visual detail that enriches the text throughout the book.

Despite his affinity for "underdog" fish, Lombard reserved one of his longest chapters—a full nine pages—for a popular species he lauds as culturally, economically and recreationally important:  salmon.

In addition to the wealth of information, anecdotes, opinion --and even haiku--packed into The Sea Forager’s Guide, the book is full of detailed pen and ink illustrations by San Francisco artist Leighton Kelly, a friend of the author. Kirk Lombard recalls that he had a very specific model in mind for the look of his book, and got a surprise when he explained it to Kelly.

Kirk Lombard has also launched CSA-style fish-mongering service, Sea Forager Seafood, that he is currently juggling with an intermittent book tour, which brings him to book Passage in San Rafael on Saturday afternoon at 4 pm.