Shanti Sekaran and Shelby Londyn-Heath featured this month on A Novel Idea

Jun 1, 2017


Shanti Sekaran, author of Lucky Boy - featured on the June edition of A Novel Idea
Shelby Londyn-Heath, author of The Twilight Tsunami - featured on the June edition of A Novel Idea - Sunday at 4pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91!

For June, A Novel Idea features two novelists, whose books couldn’t be more different. Both write about the challenges of difference, of motherhood, and of finding stability in a sometimes-hostile world.  

Shanti Sekaran brings us Lucky Boy, the saga of two women, strangers and cultures apart, whose lives are connected through the life of an infant boy.  

Shelby Londyn-Heath has written The Twilight Tsunami, a raw, funny, and hard-hitting account of the lives of people involved in the child welfare system.