Something Completely Absent, Tuesday at 7 pm

Jan 11, 2016

Audrey Auld Mazerra

I usually have a couple of these "Absent Friends" shows a year. Seems like just after the first of the new year is one obvious time. So...Tuesday's Absent Friends edition of Something Completely Different will present a selection of favorite musicians who have passed on during the last five years, 2011-15. To anticipate the inevitable chorus of "What about __________?!", let me be clear that the entire international cast of deceased characters won't be represented, just the ones who came to my attention, like Audrey Auld Mazerra for 2015, Jesse Winchester for 2014, Richie Havens for 2013, Dave Brubeck for 2012, Gil Scott-Heron for 2011, and like that.

Also, I won't include a lot of information about day and month, causes of death and other biographical stuff. Just samples of the music that tells why we love and miss them and why we're happy they left such wonderful examples of their artistry behind for us to enjoy.

So raise your glasses. To...Absent Friends.