"Something Completely Awl-A-Murkin Boy" - Tuesday 7/11 @ 7pm

Jul 5, 2017

When:  Tuesday, July 11th - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm  
Where:  KRCB-FM (91.1, 90.9; Comcast 961; on line @ KRCB.org; w/app @ iTunes store or Google Play)  

I certainly hope you enjoyed last Tuesday's Something Completely Different, "The Glorious Fourth", as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. In honor of that July 4th extravaganza, we're presenting three more American idols on Tuesday, July 11th.  

Country Joe McDonald

Bill Morrissey
John Prine
Credit Jon Bream

COUNTRY JOE MCDONALD has been a favorite of mine since he swam with The Fishes. So we'll be bringing you some Fish-related songs, including Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine and The "Fish" Cheer (what's that spell?), as well as later masterworks, including Hold On, It's Coming, Tricky Dicky, Playing with Fire and Mr. Big Pig. And, from the timeless art work War War War, the splendid The Twins.  

BILL MORRISSEY, unlike our other two stars, is no longer with us, but his name and attitude live on, in immortal songs like Hang Me, O Hang Me, Buddy Bolden's Blues, and Will You Be My Rose, plus the song some consider the Sport Fishing National Anthem, Fishing With Bill, which Bill sings with Greg Brown.  

JOHN PRINE is the kind of guy who, when you invite him for dinner, you treat your pretty younger sister to a double-feature movie to keep her out of Prine's hands. On Tuesday the 11th, you'll hear him sing some of the greats on his list, like Sam Stone, Late John Garfield Blues and Dear Abbey. And you can let your sister listen.  

So that's next Tuesday's show. Makes you proud to be a Namerican, don't it?

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