"Something Completely Bear" Tuesday @ 7pm on KRCB-FM

Aug 28, 2017

When: Tuesday August 29th; 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm  
Where: KRCB-FM (91.1, 90.9; on line @ KRCB.org; w/app @iTunes store and Google Play; Comcast 961)  

Roland says:

Edward Bear

"Back in the late 1960s, there was a San Francisco radio station that EVERYONE was talking about: KSAN-FM, San Francisco, lovingly known as Jive 95 (actually, if you search "jive95.com" on your computer, you'll come upon a website that will tell you all about this underground rock radio station, complete with photos and bios of all the co-conspirators. In those days, the confraternity of radio listeners were particularly fond of listening to KSAN into the wee hours, and the voice in their ears, for quite some time, was Edward Bear, the best of San Francisco's all-night DJs.  

Time passed, KSAN changed and changed and finally became another sort of station. Most radio stations like this one passed out of existence. Edward Bear moved to Santa Barbara, where he's lived for many years, doing radio for a while, but not at present. I've stayed in touch with him over these years, and recently suggested that he put together a show for me to air on KRCB. And it's going to happen next Tuesday, August 29th.  

Bear's unable to come to Sonoma County right now, so he's sent me two CDs of music, and a list of the cuts that you'll hear on the air next Tuesday. I'll do a bit of talking in between, but I promise to keep it very brief (I'm not really a talkative radio guy anyway, right?) So...I've got 26 songs to play. Hopefully, I'll get all the way to the end. Hopefully, you'll get to know about Bear and KSAN and that strange world of the past.  

I'm really looking forward to this show."  

Hear "Something Completely Bear" Tuesday August 29th at 7pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91!