Something Completely Different Listens to Bill Frisell, Tuesday at 7 pm

Aug 24, 2015

Bill Frisell

I live in a pretty small house and, for the most part, all the music I choose for Something Completely Different comes out of my own CDs. So I'm not any kind of a definitive collector; my choices aren't always the best examples or the song most listened to in 1999 or a comparison of the musician's output both before and after he broke his left index finger playing ping pong. It's a real WYSIWYG situation here at Chez Roland. That being said, I've been listening to guitarist Bill Frisell a lot lately and having a really good time doing it. So I gathered up all my Frisell CDs, a lot of the CDs of other people on which Bill was a sideman, and borrowed just a few from the public library. So, whether you think Bill is one of the great American guitarists or haven't ever heard him play, I think you'll like this week's show.