Something Completely Different: Quelquechose Completement Ete, Tuesday at 7 pm

Aug 22, 2016

Été being the french word for summer, here's a lovely summer sunflower from the south of France.

I'll be the first to admit (or maybe the second) that my French is not real great. Six months in Paris 54 years ago, three French classes at U.C. Berkeley a year or so later, thirty-seven French movies (with subtitles) and that's about it. I'll also be the first to admit (or maybe the fourth) that those three French words don't have the necessary little asterisk-thingies that French demands but - hey - this ain't no French computer keyboard. And I'll definitely admit that this is very late in the year to do a Summer music show but, what with debates and conventions and primary elections and so forth, this is the earliest I've managed to get around to it. So...the Spring edition of Something Completely Different. Why write Something Completely Different in French? Why not? After all, we're not building the Great Wall to keep the French out of the U.S.

 We've got quite a crowd assembled for this show, running the gamut from the Pogues to June Christy, from Michael Franks to Frank Sinatra, from Sly & The Family Stone to Bobby McFerrin, from...well, you get the idea. Even a song by Julian Lennon that has nothing to do with Summer, but just seemed right to put between Paul Winter and John Klemmer. Take another breath of Summertime, and listen in Tuesday, 7-9PM, on KRCB.