Something Completely Different: Roland Debuts Chef's Specials, Tuesday at 7 pm

Feb 1, 2016

Oh, if only... That phrase has become increasingly popular in my vocabulary. You know...where are the snows of yesteryear...I could have bought that house for $45,000, and today...if my father hadn't divorced his first wife...and so on. But things are as they are and, as it is, I don't possess every piece of recorded music I ever had. All those 78RPM discs, both ten- and twelve-inch, all the little 45s with the big round holes, the countless LPs, the cassettes without end, even the reels of reel to reel reels of tape. Gone! All gone! Well, most of them.

Thanks to my colleague Mary Carroll (Lady Spins the Blues, Tuesdays, 9-11 pm on KRCB 91 FM), I'll now be broadcasting on Something Completely Different an every-little-once-in-a-while show called Roland's Chef's Special, featuring songs that have mattered to me over the years, and that are still on my shelves. You'll be pleased to note that I'll hold tiresome stories about this music to a minimum. I do intend to announce a few — oh, maybe three — selections on line a few days before the show.

This Tuesday evening will be a Chef's Special, featuring Connie Champagne's "Republicans," a perfect choice for this election year; Julie Brown's "I Like 'Em Big & Stupid," with the promise of its companion piece "Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun," to be played on a future Special, and Ry Cooder's rendition of "One Meat Ball," from his first album.

Enjoy the upcoming special with a Sonoma County beer!