Something Completely Different - Tuesday Feb. 9

Feb 8, 2016

February 9th, 2016 @ 7 pm: 

"Something Incompletely Inconvenienced"

Naturally, I feel that the New Hampshire primary for the Presidency of the United States is of incomparable importance...even though I've been in New Hampshire exactly once for approximately thirty-eight minutes...even though if I never see any of those candidates again (Bernie excepted, of course), it'll be too soon...even though I have to examine the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (not that I'll actually watch a moment of their gyrations)...for Bernie's sake, I'll gladly (sort of) relinquish my sovereign right to put two hours of music on the air waves in the little-known county of Sonoma, State of California. 

Something Completely Different host Roland Jacopetti

So...that's what's Something Completely Different this Tuesday evening. No Mardi Gras Day show on the actual Mardi Gras Day. No Magnolia Sisters, no Boozoo Chavis, no Clifton Chenier, no (god help us) Cajun Coyotes. Until next week, that is. Yes, friends, it's true. We're just going to move the whole shooting match a week ahead, call February 16th Sonoma County Mardi Gras Day, and let those ever-loving good times roulez tout la nuit! Moi, je suis pas de tout fatiguee! (Or some such spelling.)