Something Completely Different - Tuesday nights @ 7pm

Apr 2, 2017

Roland Jacopetti - host of Something Completely Different, Tuesday nights at 7pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91!


So...this is a show I enjoy putting together once or twice a year. Very simply, it's a group of songs which contain the names of people in their titles, people real or imagined, living or dead, famous or obscure, in which every name mentioned includes the person's first and last names. Even now, I can see the eyes rolling, the brows squinting, the heads shaking. But wait! Experience has taught me that this always makes for a good show. You'll like the unlikely names, the off-the-wall choices and the way the people in the titles and the singers/musicians of the songs fit together (or are wildly inappropriate).

For instance:  
Sir Murchison Fletcher - - - Lord Executioner  
Bilbo Baggins - - - Leonard Nimoy  
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - - - Otis Spann  
Jimmy Hoffa - - - Smokey Stover  
Canray Fontenot - - - Joe Pitre  

...and that's just the beginning. Happy First And Last Names! And Happy April!  

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