Something Completely Earle (Almost) - Tuesday 5/30 @ 7pm

May 30, 2017

Steve Earle
Stacey Earle

Justin Townes Earle

As promised, I hereby announce that Tuesday's Something Completely Different show will feature FOUR different musicians (no, not three). Yes, they have definite ties, each to the other and vice versa. Explain? Mais Certainment!  

Steve Earle has been around for some time, always a controversial figure and, increasingly, a much married one, seven or nine times, I think. Many albums to his credit, including the latest one, Colvin & Earle (sounds like a law firm), but it's Steve and Shawn Colvin. Steve's notes seem to indicate that they're "just friends." O.K.  I'll start Tuesday's show with a cut from that album.  

Stacey Earle is Steve's sister, who definitely hasn't made enough albums. Two great ones, though - Simple Gearle and Dancin' With Them That Brung Me. Welcome her - maybe she'll record more of her great songs.  

Justin Townes Earle, born in 1982, is the son of Steve and Carol Ann Hunter. 2009 - big surprise tour - Justin Townes, Gillian & David Rawlings, the Old Crow Medicine Show, the Felice Brothers - all favorites of mine. There's an album from that show, which I vow to find.  

Townes Van Zandt (1944-1997). A fantastic singer-songwriter, who didn't live long enough. You'll surely recognize some of his songs. Steve was a major fan, and awarded his first name to his son to use as a middle name.  

I think you'll love this show. I wish it was longer.

Townes Van Zandt