Something Completely Fashionable - tonight 7pm

Apr 11, 2017

Date & Time: April 11, 7-9 PM Location:  KRCB-FM (91.1, 90.9, on line @, w/app @iTunes store & Google Play

Something Completely...Fashionable - Tuesday night at 7:00 pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91

Tonight on Something Completely Different - it's "Something Completely Fashionable!"  

I've heard some grumbling in the ranks, all about how too many Something Completely Different shows are too...well...quirky. Like people's first and last names. Like birds in the title. people, for instance. What about concentrating more on singer-songwriters, on musicians, or musical instruments, even?  

Oh, well, maybe it's time to abandon quirkiness for more overtly musical offerings. OK, I'll do it...but not this Tuesday. Next Tuesday. Maybe. Because this Tuesday is all about Shoes and Other Miscellaneous Clothes. See? Not completely quirky.  

Shoe songs? Travellin' Shoes by Fred Neil, Quality Shoe by Mark Knopfler, Gumboots by Paul Simon. How about Sufjan Stevens's The Dress Looks Nice on You. Or Mel Torme's Walkin' Shoes. Or even Undone - The Sweater Song by Weezer. Oh, come on. Where's your sense of humor? What do you mean, what's next after shoes?  

Now, usually, I never give hints about upcoming shoes...I mean, shows. But I'll make an exception. This one will be about a mayor and his friends. Not a Sonoma County mayor. Not even the mayor of a city. The mayor of a street. And it's east of the Mississippi. Nuff said.  

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