Something Completely Greenwich Village - Tuesday night at 7pm

Apr 17, 2017

"Something Completely Greenwich Village" on Something Completely Different with host Roland Jacopetti  Date & Time: April 18, 7-9 PM 
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Something Completely Greenwich Village - Tuesday night, April 18th at 7pm - Something Completely Different on KRCB-FM!

Being a Northern Californian, I, like the native population of this area for thousands of years, am not big on moving around. Outside of a couple of years in Southern California and five months in Paris (does that count as residency?), the boundaries of my life have been Windsor to the north, Potrero Hill, San Francisco, to the south, College Avenue, Berkeley, to the east, and Divisadero Street, San Francisco, to the west. This means that I've never spent any time at all (a week or so, at most) in New York City, and so the Greenwich Village experience has escaped me. So my pipeline to the Village has been Dave Van Ronk, of whom I've always been a great fan.  

Dave and I were born in the same year (1936), but I've always been a more temperate specimen, and have so far outlived him by 14 years. So I was delighted last month when I saw his autobiography on the new books shelf in the Northwest Branch of the Public Library. That's right...the AUTObiography; he didn't quite get it done, so it took another writer to put on the finishing touches. The title - - The Mayor of Macdougal Street. A wonderful read - - and a wonderful insight into the life of one of those "only original' people that don't come along often enough.  

So the next Something Completely Different is an anthology of Dave's work mixed in with offerings from several of his buddies - - Bob Dylan, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Mississippi John Hurt, Joni Mitchell, Fred Neil and Phil Ochs. Please don't miss this one. I think you'll enjoy the selection, which includes two of Dave's originals: Zen Koans Gonna Rise Again and Last Call. Mark your calendar.  

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