"Something Completely (gulp!) Tear-Producing" - Tuesday February 14th, 7pm

Feb 13, 2017
  • Something Completely Different!  
  • Date & Time: Feb. 14, 7-9 PM  
  • Location:  KRCB-FM (91.1, 90.9, on line @ KRCB.org, w/app @iTunes store)  


Something Completely Different! host Roland Jacopetti - Listen every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91!

No, no, Roland! You were completely wrong last Tuesday when you announced that this coming Tuesday's show would be an African anthology. (I did?) Yes! You knew this Tuesday was Feb. 14th, didn't you? (Did I?) I guess you didn't. Well, it is. Tuesday is Valentine's Day, and that means you'll be playing the 20th Annual Something Completely Different Valentine's Day show. (Oh.) So, now that you've come to your senses, what kind of show can your listeners expect? (I'm glad you asked me that! This Valentine's Day, I'll be concentrating on tear-jerkers, as many songs as possible that start the ol' waterworks for me.) Well, those probably weren't difficult to pick out. I mean, I once saw tears come to your eyes when you played Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport. (Well, after all, I mean, ropes on an innocent kangaroo. Who wouldn't...) O.K., O.K., tell us a few of your choices, prove to us that we can expect a modicum of heartbreak. (Well, what about Boz Scaggs' We're All Alone? What about Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye, as only Jimmy Scott can sing it. What about The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face?) By whom? (Oh, you're gonna like this one. It's the Gordon Lightfoot version, and it kicks off the show. What about Yolanda?) The Robert Wyatt version? (No, this time it's the original Pablo Milanes version.) Good choice. Hey, I think I'm gonna like this one. I may even shed a tear. (Or two.)