Something Completely Harmonic: Copper Wimmin, Sweet Honey in the Rock, The Roches

Sep 26, 2016

Every little once in a while, I enjoy taking three groups of performers (or sometimes individuals), whose voices and styles blend well, and building a Something Completely Different around them. Maybe flip a coin to decide the order I'll play them, and put it together. That's what I've done for this Tuesday's show, and I've got a couple more of these coming up in the near future. First off in the rotation is the Copper Wimmin, three local Sonoma County women (or wimmin), who hadn't sung together in over a decade until they did a surprise performance a few weeks ago at the TMS Performing Arts Center in San Rafael. They're as good as ever and, in Tuesday's show, you'll be able to hear samples from all three of their albums. Next is Sweet Honey in the Rock, an African-American a capella group which was founded by Bernice Johnson Reagon in the 1970s. They specialize in spirituals and freedom songs, and they're great. And the third is the Roches, as a group of three (Maggie, Terre and Suzzy), in combinations of two, as solos and with other related folk joining in. I've loved them since they started in the 70s. I know you'll enjoy these amazing voices; please listen on Tuesday. 

Sweet Honey in the Rock