Something Completely Heroic: Tuesday at 7 pm

Oct 24, 2016

To the extent that all of us have gone through the bizarre horror show that was the three Clinton/Trump fiascos, I just know it'll be a great relief to spend some time with music about people who somehow qualify as heroes and heroines. Some might be a little farfetched (Lenny Bruce, Sabu, even my old Berkeley friend Steve "Richmond" Talbot, one of the truly great white bluesmen). Some might be a bit worthy of worship (Ira Hayes, Dolores Huerta, even Franklin D. Roosevelt who, according to the song we'll play, is back again.) And some are certainly somewhat off the wall--Harrison Ford, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner (together (!) in the same song!)

Please join us on Tuesday evening for just a little bit of inspiration. And even a laugh or two.