Something Completely Loyal/Curious/Amusing/Almost Human/Fearless - Tuesday 4/17 @ 7pm

Apr 17, 2018


When: Tuesday night @ 7:00 pm
Where: KRCB-FM Radio 91 (91.1 FM & 90.9 FM; streaming online at; all over the Bay Area on Comcast Cable channel 961; and on the FREE KRCB App available in iTunes and Google Play)  

From the mind of Roland Jacopetti:

"Dexter the Dog and his many canine compatriots were miffed by sharing a Something Completely Different with...yuck...kitty kats. Touched by Dexter's loyalty, devotion and appreciation of the finest in doggie treats, Roland prepares a musical dog show to coincide (pretty much) with Dexter's 7th Birthday (or possibly 6th - - he was, after all, an anonymous rescue dog). So DOG DAYS! will burst on your eardrums in a wild cacophony of barks, whimpers and desperate howls. 

Wanting to start the show with class, the first voice you'll hear will be Johnny Cash singing "Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog" , which is actually the American Canine National Anthem. 

The Beatles' "Martha, My Dear" was allegedly written in honor of Paul McCartney's one-time dog (or was it Lennon?)(or was it cat?) 

Something Completely Whatever ventures into avante-garde music with a Terry Riley piece titled "Half-Wolf Dances Mad in Moonlight," almost eight and a half minutes long. (Is that how you spell avante-garde? Doesn't look quite right.) 

Big Mama Thornton sings her definitive version of "Hound Dog" - E. Presley...get off and walk! Arf! Arf! 

And, speaking of definitive versions, of course you'll hear "Let Me Play with Your Poodle" by - - wait for it - - Lightnin' Hopkins! Will wonders never cease? 

This Tuesday, Dexter will be glued to the radio from 7 to 9. His treat of choice? Newman's Own Snack Sticks! Decadent, n'est pas?"

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