"Something Completely... Passed" - tonight @ 7pm

Feb 21, 2017

Something Completely Passed 
Date & Time: Feb. 21, 7-9PM  
Location:  KRCB-FM (91.1, 90.9, on line @ KRCB.org, w/app @iTunes store)  

Something Completely Different - Tuesdays at 7pm on KRCB-FM Radio 91

  As you've probably noticed, 2016 was a very hard year for music. I think that virtually all of us noted the loss of one or more singers, singer-songwriters, instrumentalists, even an orchestra conductor or two. So, now that we're well into 2017, I think it's time to pause, take a step backward and remember our musical friends who have gone before. Now, I know I'm sometimes guilty of overdoing the memorials - sometimes even staging mini biographies of the departed. I promise I won't do that this time. So...no more dates of birth and death, no recitation of illness or injury, no more cries of "Oh, but she/he was so young!" And I promise not to read the will, introduce the next of kin, discuss the size, shape and inscriptions on the grave markers, or allow my former identity as a Roman Catholic to take over and cause me to recite extensive prayers in Latin. Nope. I'll simply announce at the beginning of the show what the theme will be, and we'll go ahead and listen to Dan Hicks, Mose Allison, Guy Clark, Prince and even Julius LaRosa. Remember him? You don't?  

One other thing. Last week on the air, I mentioned that I was considering introducing new theme music, after twenty years of Theme for Ernie by John Coltrane. So I'll open the show with this new piece of music. I hope you'll be there and be ready. I'll be giving you an email address so you can register your opinions, if you like. All in all, I think you'll like this show a lot.