"Something Completely Roche-Like" - Tuesday at 7pm

Apr 24, 2017

"Something Completely Roche-Like" - this week on Something Completely Different 

Date & Time: April 25, 7-9 PM  

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The Roches - Maggie, Suzzy and Terre


I started listening to the Roches at the very beginning of their career, when there were only two of them, Maggie and Terre, and they were befriended by Paul Simon, and sang Was a Sunny Day on his 1973 album, There Goes Rhymin' Simon. So, nearly forty-five years later, it was something of a shock to hear that Maggie, the oldest of the three sisters (the youngest, Suzzy, joined the group in 1975), had passed on at the age of 65.  

I must admit, I'm not much of an audience member for live music. Put it down to my reclusive nature, I guess. But I have seen the Roches a few times over the years, including a couple with my daughter, when she was a young teen (she's now 48). And I've been what's usually described as a "fan" for all these years. So, when I heard about Maggie, I knew it was time for a Something Completely Different show featuring the Roches. So here it is.  

We'll start with Was a Sunny Day, and proceed through samples from most of their albums, including tributes to Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan and The Band. As we progress, you'll hear a number of songs from Suzzy and Maggie as a duo and, finally, another generation steps in at the very end, with a sample from Lucy Wainwright Roche's first album, There's a Last Time for Everything (Lucy's the daughter of Suzzy and Loudon Wainwright III)  

It'll be fun, I guarantee.  

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