"Something Completely Spiritual" - Tuesday 12/19 @ 7pm

Dec 18, 2017

See what happens when you attend a Roman Catholic school (or two, if you're really into it)? When the mind is allowed to stray, it wanders into strange territory. When this happens, the best I can do is write down all the ideas that come to me, listen to the music, musicians and singers that go with them, and divide them up into listenable groups. Here, hopefully, is one of them, and as I look down the titles, I feel that "Something Completely Spiritual" might just work.  

Care for a few frinstansez?  

How about the first song out of the chute - - Bob Dylan's Property of Jesus from the Shot of Love album, reminding us of Dylan's various friendly fixations, an odd version of Christianity among them. Dylan and Jesus - what a combo!

Then there's Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, but, now that he's dead and on so many obituary pages, we hear songs like this one ad infinitum (those Catholic kids often get hung up on the Latin tongue). So I chose the version from unlucky Jeff Buckley, also very great stuff.  

Next we might turn to Dar William's Teen for God, a great example of Dar's religious fervor cloaked in her subtle humor. Remember the song about the Christians and the Pagans sitting around the holiday dinner table? No? Well, something tells me you'll be hearing it pretty soon.  

Gotta have an Amazing Grace in the woodwork, and right up there in the top rank of A.Z.s is Judy Collins's, from her Whales and Nightingales album, among her very best.  

Gotta have a Beatle or two. Eleanor Rigby? Tomorrow Never Knows? The Fool on the Hill? Across the Universe? All of them? Let's wait and see.

And don't forget Randy Newman's God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind).No one...but NO ONE... deals in good-natured agnosticism as well as Randy does.  

And...maybe more. Check FM91.1 or 90.9 at 7PM Tuesday the 19th. Three songs with the actual name of Jesus in them, plus several more where it's implied. Ah, those Republicans! 

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