Sonoma County’s Hunger Index

Feb 18, 2015

Low income households in Sonoma County are getting 60% of their food need met by existing support programs. But the other 40% represents more than 35 million missed meals last year.
Credit Redwood Empire Food Bank

 Sonoma County is widely known for the quality and variety of foods and beverages grown and produced here. But a lot of people aren’t able to enjoy that bounty. A public forum Thursday afternoon hopes to refocus attention on the problem and what can be done to address it.

 Sonoma County’s 35.5 million missed meals in 2014 is a stunningly large number. Gail Atkins, Director of Programs for the Redwood Empire Food Bank, explains how it was calculated.


Despite that shortfall, Sonoma County is already doing a great deal to help alleviate food insecurity notes Joseph McIntrye of Ag Innovations, and that will be part of the conservation at the Hunger Index Forum.