Splitting the 415 Area Code

Jun 6, 2013


From 1947 to 1959, Sonoma County and points north were part of the 415 Area Code. Now that area—comprised of just Marin County and San Francisco— is again dealing with numerical growing pains, but now there are no more easy splits available.

If the 415 Area Code were to be split into two, all of Marin County and the portion of San Francisco shown in red would retain the old number.
Credit CPUC

  Even though any given area code can mathematically contain more than 6.8 million numbers, CPUC staffer Katherine Morehouse says the demand for new 415 area numbers is overtaking the remaining supply at an accelerating rate.


The California Public Utilities Commission will continue to accept comments on the options for dividing the existing 415 Area Code on the PUC website until the matter is decided by the  Commission, which is expected to happen in about six months.