State Map Charts California’s Most Polluted Zip Codes

Apr 23, 2013

  A new interactive map, made public today by the California Environmental Protection Agency, enables viewers to identify the zip codes most impacted by localized sources of air and water pollution. “Cal Enviroscreen” compiles toxic clean-up sites, traffic emissions, areas of where pesticide use is high and hazardous waste generators. That information is then displayed on maps, which also show in greater detail what types of pollutants are found in each area.

The greatest concentration of the afflicted zip codes lie in the central San Joaquin Valley region, although quite a few are also scattered about the greater Los Angels basin.

In our region, seven can be found around San Francisco Bay. These include Richmond and a swath of south Oakland—both ranked in the top 5% for the state, plus three additional Oakland zip codes, the low-lying portion of Hayward and San Francisco’s Hunter’s Point area, all in the 6-10% ranked regions.

Only the bottom 10 percent are identified on the “Cal Enviroscreen” maps; none are located north of the Golden Gate. See the maps here.